Battery and performance focused kernel for Xiaomi Redmi note 5, Based on latest stable sources with android-kernel-stable and CAF tags merged, automatically built via Drone CI and distributed via telegram.

General Features

  • Mainly focused on a balanced profile, getting the most performance without using the most amount of energy
  • Easy installation with any kernel with support for both stock and custom roms
  • Energy Aware Scheduling, use the most efficient CPU for the required task
  • Less Fsync overhead by only syncing when the screen is off
  • Various Memory, IO, and power realted optimizations to provide the best experience
  • And many more (check the technical features)

  • Technical Features

  • Always up to date with stable linux tags
  • Compiled with latest available compaitable toolchains
  • Use power-efficient workqueue by default
  • USB fast charging at 900mAh (USB 3 only)
  • Dynamic Fsync Driver(enabled by default)
  • Fsync On/Off toggle (Off by default)
  • CRC check toggle (disabled by default)
  • Disabled gentle fair sleepers (imporves performance)
  • Disable readahead by default (imporves power consumption and performance)
  • Boeffla wakelock blocker
  • Sound Control
  • Vibration Control
  • Kcal Display control
  • Use lz4 algorithm for zram by default
  • Maple and BFQ IO Schedulers
  • BBR and westwood TCP congestion algorithms
  • Improved schedutil governor
  • PixelSmurf Utils governor (vince only)
  • Adreno Idler(vince only)
  • GPU boost driver
  • thermal profile control (phoenix only)
  • Simple Low Memory Killer

  • Source Code on github

  • Redmi 5 Plus/Note 5(Vince)
  • Redmi K30/Poco X2(Phoenix)

  • Channels on Telegram

  • Redmi 5 Plus/Note 5
  • Redmi K30/Poco X2

  • XDA Threads

  • Redmi 5 Plus/Note 5
  • Redmi K30/Poco X2

  • Latest Releases


  • Rebase to new sm6150-dev base
  • Bring on features from old Segundo release
  • Boots on Android 11
  • Upstream to the latest Linux stable
  • Upstream wireguard to latest version
  • Fixed boot issues on other roms with new trees
  • Fixed always on display (roms need to enable this to work)
  • Fixed slow charging while using phone
  • Improved charging stability
  • Improved fingerprint stability
  • Improved idle drain (almost 0% now overnight)
  • Disable a bunch of useless logging configs
  • Various power management enhancements
  • Many more improvements and performance enhancements

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Tercero-03102020-1236.zip
    File Size: 14.8 MB
    MD5: 221de8d8e8687da549576bd308d8e6f5



  • Upstream to latest 4.14.186
  • Built with O3 optimizations
  • Update touchscreen driver
  • Fix random bootloop issue
  • Fix white screen issue
  • Fix Fluctuation in power
  • Fix Unbalanced power supply
  • Various fixes and enhancements to thermal driver
  • Enable kernel ultra low power mode
  • Allow GPU to go to sleep
  • Improve Walt scheduler
  • Block more annoying wakelocks
  • Optimize memcpy and memmove
  • Use arm64 optimized memcmp
  • Use high priority workqueue for kgsl and devfreq
  • Disable unused temperature sensors
  • Remove Dynamic Fsync
  • Other fixes and performance improvements

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Segundo-27062020-1007.zip
    File Size: 16.4 MB
    MD5: e543a00d1b792b1274cf1386400bb740


    Primero Hot Fix

  • Fix high idle battery drain
  • Fix device not going into deepsleep

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Primero-22052020-0313.zip
    File Size: 16 MB
    MD5: 50df5a995d9068429259004551ffb1d5e59e5bc7



  • Latest kernel tags
  • Built with proton clang 11
  • Improved schedutil governor
  • Use Power-efficient workqueue
  • Use 300hz config
  • Add USB fast charging
  • Add GPU boost
  • Add dynamic fsync (enabled by default)
  • Add fsync switch (enabled by default)
  • Add and use Maple IO scheduler by default
  • Add and use BBR TCP Congestion by default
  • Dynamic stune boost v3
  • Upstreamed and optimize cpu boost
  • Disable readahead by default (imporves power consumption and performance)
  • Add CRC check toggle (disabled by default)
  • Add Boeffla wakelock blocker
  • Enable Thermal profile control
  • Enable Kcal control
  • Disable gentle fair sleepers
  • Use LZ4 compression for zram by default
  • Various memory, IO, and power optimizations

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Primero-20052020-0646.zip
    File Size: 16 MB
    MD5: 0175372a18d168f7c5c48e813fd19a1fc42372cb



  • Supports Android 11
  • Upstream to latest Linux kernel tag
  • Upstream wireguard to latest release
  • Fix Ramdisk overlay not applying
  • Fix left headphoene sound gain being 1 by default
  • Fix top-app boosting issue
  • Improved DStune boost
  • General scheduler improvemenets
  • Add support for speaker gain
  • Many more changes i cant remember

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Ultimo-4.9-243-STABLE-14112020-0604.zip
    File Size: 13.3 MB
    MD5: 2f793e135677d56a9bcb29a9f6d4a0a8



  • Compiled with Clang 9 and GCC 9.2.0
  • Merge 4.9.189 kernel tags
  • Merge latest CAF kernel changes
  • Remove klapse (most roms have that by default now)
  • Fix stune boost not working sometimes
  • Cleanup unused configs
  • Should be more stable than noveno

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Decimo-4.9-STABLE-01112019-0634.zip
    File Size: 12.6 MB
    MD5: e35cb06d41295ea9d03af3c3ae3fed75


    El Noveno

  • Upstream to latest 4.9.192 release
  • Fixed issues with omni camera sensor
  • Add Fingerprint boost driver
  • Add Wireguard driver
  • silence spammy logs
  • TCP tweaks and enhancements
  • Reduce block Queue overhead
  • memory allocations fixes and optimizations
  • ensure enough free memory on screen on (faster wake up)
  • Optimize memcp, strcmp, memchr and strln routines
  • Optimize Console buffers
  • Faster boot up times
  • Improve 3x faster Integer sqrt
  • Replace LMK with new Simple LMK
  • Multiple other camera optimizations
  • faster boot times
  • Backport energy model for EAS
  • Backport features from newer kernels
  • General kernel tree cleanup
  • many other random small optimizations

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-El-Noveno-4.9-STABLE-13092019-0412.zip
    File Size: 13.1 MB
    MD5: 5af2227b74a62fe5fcc1e6db7cb0808e


    El Octavo

  • First 4.9 release
  • Latest Linux-stable and caf tags
  • New profiles applied automatically on boot
  • OC GPU to 725
  • Klapse 5.0
  • BFQ IO scheduler
  • westwood TCP
  • Advanced TCP congestion algorithms
  • state notifier driver
  • pixel_smurfutil governor (from pixel 3 and smurf kernel)
  • Dynamic stune sched boost
  • DS Boost
  • Dynamic Fsync
  • CPU input boost
  • Adreno GPU input boost
  • Enable 19MHz idle GPU Frequency
  • adaptive low memory killer
  • Sound control
  • USB fast charge up to 900mAh
  • Power efficient workqueue enabled by default
  • F2FS and sdcardFS support
  • Latest wireguard
  • Boeffla wakelock blocker
  • Various IO Optimizations
  • magisk module for custom profiles coming soon

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-El-Octavo-27062019-0437.zip
    File Size: 13.8 MB
    MD5: 986738af6540310a1ba6c6eec9d6b762



  • Latest Linux-stable and caf tags
  • Compiled with dark-engine 2.0
  • Add Electron governor
  • Add BFQ IO scheduler (set as default)
  • Enable power efficient work queue
  • Add fingerprint boost drive
  • Add state notifier driver
  • TTL fixation
  • Increase charging up to 2300mAh
  • Enable lz4 zram compression
  • Set default zram size to 510mb
  • enable AutoSMP by default
  • Disable LMK debugging by default
  • Upstream CPU boost drive
  • Tweak CPU boost values
  • Overall better ram management
  • Better frequency scaling (switch governor to electron)
  • Default read ahead as 2048(better for 32GB+ devices)
  • Add klpase drive(LiveDisplay Like)
  • this release is more focused on better ram management and smoother experience on default settings if you want to game switch governor to performance, etc

  • File Name: Dark-Ages-Septimo-13032019-0503.zip
    File Size: 11.6 MB
    MD5: dfe3b334c4ed0c880ef36f7e6a1f650c